Spirit Renewal Ministries

A ministry of Soul Care


MembershipAll members of Spirit Renewal Ministries are empowered to support its local ministries of pastoral care, outreach, bereavement, weddings, teaching, preaching, and spiritual direction.

Members join men and women around the world who participate and support SRM’s ministries of teaching, training, and empowering pastors and lay people in North America, Africa, and the Caribbean.

Members have the opportunity to:

• Serve as volunteers / missionaries at home and abroad

• Serve on the official board

• Provide support to the ministry through prayer, service, mentoring, and leadership

• Support the ministries through tithes and offerings

• Share expertise in areas such as marketing, finance, communications, administration, and theology


• Have voting privileges at ministry meetings

• Receive regular ministry newsletters

• Receive updates about SRM’s overseas mission work

• Receive notices of new SRM Video Productions

• Meet new people and grow in faith