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Spirit Renewal Ministries

A ministry of Soul Care

Celebrating a decade of ministry in North America, Kenya, and Curaçao.

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Canadian Food For Children Africa Mission Trip - January 2017
Funerals Bibles for Africa Program
Prayer / Worship Services Ministry Training - Kenya
Spiritual Direction Preaching / Ministry Conventions
Weddings Supply / Interim Ministry

Ministry at Home

Today, we minister with those living on the margins in Kingston by offering two weekly prayer and healing services. We also provide Bibles and meals to those in need in the Kingston and Toronto areas. SRM also counsel the bereaved, provide marriage services, pray for the sick, feed the hungry, offer respite from the cold, and encourage people to form communities of care in all we do.


Global Presence

We work with passion and commitment to fulfill the mandate of Jesus to go into the world to proclaim the gospel of Christ, and to share the good news of the God’s love for the world. In the last decade, we have undertaken one mission trip to India, four trips to Curaçao, and three to Kenya, with the fourth trip scheduled for January, 2017. Our Bibles for Africa program has provided Bibles to hundreds of families in East Africa. Bibles are sourced in local languages from the Bible Society of Kenya in Nairobi.


SRM in Curaçao, in the southern Caribbean.


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