Welcome to Spirit Renewal Ministries

Spirit Renewal Ministries (SRM), founded in 2006 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. SRM is a non-denominational ministry serving communities of faith and individuals in Canada and abroad. Our home base is in Ontario, Canada and we have undertaken nineteen mission trips to the USA, CuraƧao, India, and East Africa. This is a church without a permanent "church building". Join us for our on-line worship service each week on Wednesday evenings at 18:00 EST. Join us for our weekly online Zoom Chat - soul care each Tuesday morning at 11:00 EST.  

Today, SRM, with partners, and volunteers, serves as the hands and feet of Christ by preaching, teaching, encouraging, feeding, comforting, counselling, and caring for thousands of people at home and abroad. We also counsel the bereaved, provide marriage services, pray for the sick, feed the hungry, offer respite from the cold, and encourage people to form communities of care in all we do. Join with us! Learn more about our ministries.

Rev. Dr. Stephen McAllister, Founder and Senior Minister  Email for more information.

Are you looking for a Spiritual Director? Rev. Stephen is a member of Spiritual Directors International (SDI). SDI is an inclusive, global learning community that serves and supports the ministry and service of spiritual direction. He holds a Doctor of Ministry (Spirituality) from Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, and a Diploma in Ignatian Spirituality, Regis Collage, Toronto. Contact for more information.


A Global Church Without Walls

Join Us for Weekly Worship

Wednesday Evenings, 6:00 PM EST via Zoom

SRM Soul Cafe - Coffee & Conversation

Tuesday mornings at 11:00 EST via Zoom


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Daily One-Minute Prayer Service Church of England
Daily Twenty-Minute Prayer Service Church of England
Daily Mass from National Shrine of Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, Mass. with Marian Seminarians (3:00 PM EST)



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Our Purpose

"Our purpose is to serve as Christ served: evangelizing through the sharing of the gospel, teaching disciples and pastors, and caring for the poor and oppressed. We undertake this ministry with joy and compassion, wherever God calls us."

We Serve

SRM serves as Christ served - with joy and compassion. SRM has hosted countless worship services and preached in downtown historic churches in Canada and simple churches in rural East Africa. We serve with:
  • honesty
  • integrity
  • trust
  • transparency
  • intentionality
  • confidentiality
  • respect
  • accountability

We Care

Since our birth in Toronto sixteen years ago -
we have undertaken many mission trips to the Caribbean, the USA, and East Africa, as well as providing care, counsel, and teaching to many in North America
  • We worship weekly and celebrate the sacrament of holy communion at every service
  • we walk where you walk
  • we sit where you sit
  • we pray with you
  • SRM has served thousands of cups of coffee at SRM services
  • we provide pastoral care and support through ministries of weddings, bereavement, funerals, and spiritual direction
  • SRM distributes Bibles throughout East Africa
  • SRM cares for widows and orphans in East Africa

We Listen

The contemporary theologian Robert Jenson writes, "The world has lost it's story - not only the Jewish-Christian story, but all the other stories that fed off that story, such is the story of progress" The world may have "lost the stories", however we know that you, among countless others seek meaning and purpose in this complicated world. You seek meaningful relationships, and that peace may come into the world in a real and sustained way. We at SRM listen to your stories and we share the stories of faith that have transformed and strengthened people for thousands of years. We believe!

Opportunities to Volunteer with SRM



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SRM needs a champion who will spearhead this initiative to help prepare and implement an appeal to fund a firm and stable financial foundation to allow SRM to respond to global ministry demands over the next five years. You may be that person! Please donate to help SRM meet its global ministry demands - YOU can change someone's life in ways you can never imagine!