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BiblesIn the last few years, Spirit Renewal Ministries has been raising funds to provide Bibles to churches, pastors, and individuals in Kenya. Many pastors have shared their excitement of people who have received Bibles. You too can participate in this program. The Bibles for Kenya program continues with generous support from people like you. All funds identified for this program are dedicated to the purchase of Bibles. All funds received in Canadian currency must be converted to US dollars, the transaction currency for the Kenya Bible Society.



Recipients of Bibles, Rural Kenya, Luo Language; Church, Kiswahili Language

Bibles for Kenya
Bibles for Kenya



The people of East Africa have been blessed by the generosity of countless individuals as well as churches in Canada, the USA, and Curacao. We have had generous donations from Churhces in Curaçao, Texas, Alberta, and Ontario.

Future Needs

This ministry will expand to Burundi, Rwanda, and Uganda as we prepare for our 2016 Teaching Conferences in these countries. We are excited to announce that five ministries have just received their new bibles from the Bible Society of Kenya. A special thank you  to the many donors here in Canada and Curaçao - individuals, churches, pastors, and partners.

This is a wonderful initiative that has provided much needed bibles in the languages of Luo, Kalenjin, Swahili and English. You too can participate in this powerful ministry - contact SRM today!

Participate if the Bibles for Africa Program.

For just $10 USD you can provide a Bible to a family in East Africa - SRM has a program where we raise funds from churches and (in the United States, Canada, and Curaçao), community groups, families, and individuals. The Bibles are sourced in local languages (Kiswahili, Luo, Kalinjin, and English) from the Kenya Bible Society in Nairobi, and from there shipped to pastors and churches in East Africa. In Burundi, the Bibles are sourced from the Bible Society of Burundi.

"The beauty of this program is that we know where the Bibles go,

and you have the assurance that your donation

has made a significant difference in the someone's life."

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