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Kenya Training

Rev. Dr. Stephen McAllister presenting a certificate of completion.



SRM provides services to churches to help pastors and leaders grow in their capacity and competence to serve as ministers in the world-wide church of Christ. We invite leaders from all denominations to participate. Areas of teaching include: church growth and renewal, discipleship, evangelism, worship leadership, Biblical scholarship, church dynamics, theology of ministry, and conflict management.

Pastors' Training Conferences and Seminars

Since 2009, Spirit Renewal Ministries has made a significant commitment to partner with Kenyan based ministries for the purpose of training pastors, and providing Bibles to churches in Kenya. To date, we have travelled to Kenya in 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2017 undertaking training conferences and preaching events.

We returned to Kenya in 2017 where we were hosted by Bishop Chelagat and Pioneer Community Church, and Rev. Peter Franz with Gospel Fire International. A three day-pastors conference was held at Pioneer Community Church, and we visited the Pastor David Sira at the One Accord Believers Church in Langes Estates, Pastor Nicholas Ogago at the Kamukinji Slum in Eldoret, Pastor Nathan Onyango at Kingdom Vision Chapel, Pastor Stella at New Hope Mission Centre, Pastor Philip Rugue in Matunda, PAstor Tobias in Mount Elgon, and Pastor Daaniel Titoi in Chaptais.

Pastor's Conference Eldoret, October 2014

Pastors at Pioneer Community Church / Spirit Renewal Ministries Conference, October 2014

Pastors at Pioneer Community Church / Spirit Renewal Ministries Conference, January, 2017


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